About export invoices

What is an export invoice?

An export invoice allows overseas customs officials to determine if your item can enter the destination country, whether it is subject to regulatory fees or duties and, if applicable, the value of those fees.

Why do I need to complete an export invoice?

The export invoice or commercial invoice is a mandatory component of the customs documentation.

How do I complete an export invoice?

There are 2 options available to you:

A. Complete an export invoice (NCPI025). 

Download here: Export invoice (PDF - 49KB)  or  Export invoice (Word - 29KB)

B. Provide a commercial invoice that includes:

•    a full description of the contents of your package 
•    the number of items in your package 
•    the total value of your package 
•    the country of origin of all items in your package 
•    the reason for export of your item 
•    the 6-digit Harmonised tariff codes (HS codes) of the items being sent (if known).

You will also need to sign and date the export invoice. 

It is also preferred to provide an export invoice that is computer-generated rather than handwritten.

How to attach your export invoice?

Please put your invoice into a clear plastic pouch and attach it securely to the outside of your package. Please don't tape the invoice to the outside as we may need to see all of the invoice. Please also ensure the shipping label or bar-code is facing out. You can get clear pouches at an NZ Post store or at our online shop.